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About Us - Our Approach

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Challenges can arise amongst any group of people. When left unresolved, these challenges can drain a team's creative energy and inhibit performance.

ST, we help employees learn how to successfully resolve their own challenges through the use of advanced interpersonal, team-building and communications skills. Our interactive and often entertaining learning experiences are well known for their creative results that energize both managers and employees, and provide all informants with valuable insights into themselves and their colleagues. 

Customized Programs:
Our programs are always custom designed to meet the unique needs of individual clients. Before initiating any program we will work with you to develop a proposal that clearly identifies your challenges, goals, and preferred working method.

Always 2 Experienced Facilitators:
We always have at least two or more experienced facilitators working together as a presentation team. 

Discussion In Small Groups Of Four:
Whenever possible, we divide teams into groupings of four to encourage a high level of interactive discussion and meaningful knowledge transfer. 

Exciting Learning Activities:
We integrate eye-opening learning experiences and participatory exercises to ensure that your employees learn as much as possible about themselves and others for greater productivity and job satisfaction. Depending on the topic and the need, our services include personal assessment tools, video training programs, handout materials, individual and group exercises, and speaker presentations. 

Large and Small:
We work with groups of all sizes. Whether you are a team of two or a task force of 200, PEOPLE 1
ST will provide you with a fully customized, exciting and productive learning experience!

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