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Coaching Employees - We Need To Talk!

There's more to coaching your employees than just giving a simple "pep talk." Without honing in on exactly what your employees are saying, or coming to an organized agreement on how things should be handled, a "simple" coaching meeting could end up being just as counter-productive as doing nothing at all. Instead, learn to coach in a way that ensures a positive influence on your employees' work performance, without upsetting your employees, or losing them over a issue handled incorrectly.

Through our facilitation of this unique and dramatic case study-style video training program, entitled We Need to Talk: Coaching Employees, we present typical workplace dramatizations that will prepare managers for handling all the difficult issues, emotions, evasions, and diversions that often get in the way of employee achievement on a daily basis.

Objectives for this training program include the how-to topics:
  • Plan a "performance coaching" meeting
  • Invite self-appraisal from the employee
  • Observe for employee "clues"
  • Explore potential causes and focus on the issue
  • Form a planner to stay on track
  • Learn six key coaching techniques

    The video incorporates two typical business scenes. The first segment looks at the structure of the performance counseling meeting and then explores the main interpersonal skills and techniques managers should use. The second segment sets up an actual performance counseling meeting to show viewers how the strategies should unfold for a positive outcome.

    Each employee will receive a participant's binder, which will include discussion questions and activities, as well as a self-study workbook to be used as a reference tool in the future.

    Through our team approach to learning, the customization we provide for you, individual exercises and small group activities, we provide a fun, motivating approach for your employees.

    This program is presented in a half-day format. Back

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