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Based in Ottawa and founded in 1996 by the principal partners, Jack and Dorothy Hobbs, People 1ST serves clients by facilitating inter-personal communication processes custom designed to empower people to develop improved internal communications, teamwork, and positive, productive relationships in the workplace, with clients, and in their interpersonal relationships.

Participants are empowered to review the ‘big picture’ of the organization and appreciate the impact that each individual brings to the workplace. This understanding ensures a competitive advantage proven by developing transferable skills, appreciation of the dynamic organizational culture, and increased productivity within their team, with their colleagues, and throughout the business world.

PEOPLE 1ST - Our Vision
To empower employees and managers to make their work environment a “Workplace of Choice”.

PEOPLE 1ST - Our Mission
To provide high quality service, training, and resources for learning and performing to organizations that want to sustain and develop the potential in their most important asset - their people!

PEOPLE 1ST - Specialists In understanding behaviours
PEOPLE 1ST specializes in identifying and understanding the different behaviours that can be attributed to the individual participants on the team.

PEOPLE 1ST - “Certified Facilitators” of the Inscape Publishing DiSC PPS Profile®
A behavioural profile, using the Inscape Publishing DiSC Profile® (validated by research and known to be the most used in the world; over 45 million profiles) can be delivered in French or English, as desired. This tool will offer guidance as to the individual’s preferred behavioural pattern and helps them explore, their strengths and challenges.

PEOPLE 1ST - Bilingual and Multicultural
PEOPLE 1ST is experienced and sensitized to the fact that diversity must be addressed with openness and understanding in order that participants feel comfortable in each other's working environment.

PEOPLE 1ST - Custom Process
The People 1ST team is experienced at custom designing and implementing a process to meet the goals and objectives of the group. (No two processes are designed in the same way.) Specialization takes into account the past, the present and the future with interviews taking place ahead of time. The main focus: To bring forth a positive team working towards a great future.

PEOPLE 1ST - The People 1ST Team Provides The Process
One important aspect of the PEOPLE 1ST Team is that the principal partners of PEOPLE 1ST, Jack and Dorothy Hobbs, or Sharon Johnson and Line Lessard-Lynch, will facilitate the training that will happen, not a third party who might be unknown to the client.

PEOPLE 1ST - Success and Experience
PEOPLE 1ST present a ten-year success track record working with people in Private Industry and Government. PEOPLE 1ST understand the culture of the different workplaces. PEOPLE 1ST have considerable experience working within the information technology(IT) and information management(IM) culture.

PEOPLE 1ST - Adaptable
People 1ST can readily adapt their presentation to suit the schedule and changing needs of the client. We schedule our processes and programs to meet your requirements

PEOPLE 1ST - Learning Tools
As distributors for Inscape Learning Products, we can assist you in finding the appropriate self-administered learning tools to benefit your employees.

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