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Coping With Difficult People

There are ways you can survive difficult people at work! Coping with Difficult People explains six different personality types that could prevent you from doing your job adequately, and what to do to gain cooperation. From calming the Tank to handling Complainers without getting defensive yourself, this two-part series gives you the skills to identify and deal with stressful individuals confidently. There are two parts to this program:

Part I How-To Training Points
  • How to get the Know-It-All to actually listen
  • How to uncover the Staller's real objection
  • How to appropriately inform the Sniper that snide remarks are always out of line

    Part II How-To Points
  • How to turn a Complainer into a problem-solver
  • How to get the Super-Agreeable to make a strong commitment
  • How to save arguments with a Tank

    Each employee will receive a participant's binder, which will include discussion questions and activities, as well as a self-study workbook to be used as a reference tool in the future.

    Through our team approach to learning, the customization we provide for you, individual exercises and small group activities, we provide a fun, motivating approach for your employees.

    This program is presented in a half-day format. Back

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