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Communications - Communication Effectiveness Series

Communication is a fundamental skill. Most of us can do it well enough to get by, but we could all probably use some improvement. Unfortunately, communication is often regarded as such a basic skill that we take it for granted. We rarely take time to sharpen our abilities. This course contains a series of two-hour sessions to do just that. The first session introduces participants to the foundations of DiSC and helps them to create a greater self-awareness. The second session applies this new knowledge to the area of conflict, and it helps participants discover simple ways to communicate more effectively. The final session helps participants use this new information to avoid misunderstandings and build stronger relationships.

This program is designed to help participants:
  • Understand the implications of their DiSC styles on communication
  • Build empathy for the conflict styles of their co-workers
  • Learn how to handle conflict more effectively and appropriately
  • Recognize when they are communicating inappropriately or ineffectively
  • Gain appreciation for how others read their behaviours
  • Use feedback from their co-workers to enhance their communication skills

    SESSION 1 INSIGHT MODULE 1 Multipurpose Set-Up 25-45 Minutes
    SESSION 1 INSIGHT MODULE 4 Discover Four Styles of Behaviour and Explore the General Preferences of Your Style 75-90 Minutes
    SESSION 2 INSIGHT MODULE 6 Learn About Your Behaviour When You Are In Conflict With Others 60-75 Minutes
    SESSION 2 INSIGHT MODULE 9 Learn How to Adapt Your Communication to Different Styles 60 Minutes
    SESSION 3 INSIGHT MODULE 8 Understand How Others Interpret Your Behaviour 60-90 Minutes
    SESSION 3 INSIGHT MODULE 2 Multipurpose Close 20 Minutes
    TOTAL*: 5-6 HOURS

    Each employee will receive a participant's binder, which will include discussion questions and activities, as well as a self-study workbook to be used as a reference tool in the future.

    Through our team approach to learning, the customization we provide for you, individual exercises and small group activities, we provide a fun, motivating approach for your employees.

    This program is presented in a full-day or three-session (2 hours each session) format.


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