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Conflict Resolution - Everyone Wins: How To Turn Conflict Into Collaboration

We all struggle with conflict in one form or another everyday. This straightforward "how to" program emphasizes that conflict is inevitable because of a diverse workforce, constant change, stress from doing more with less, confusion over responsibilities, and miscommunication. The program helps employees recognize and effectively deal with the three most common conflict situations in the workplace.

This program is an effective learning tool to:
  • Understand why conflict in the workplace happens
  • Know how to change your perspective of conflict
  • Identify the three most common workplace conflict situations
  • Identify the five different ways people deal with conflict
  • Use the "Everybody Wins" approach in a conflict situation
  • Take personal responsibility for dealing with conflict, diversity, and disagreement

    "Everybody Wins" will help your employees learn how to recognize three of the most common conflict situations in the workplace:
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Work-Team
  • Manager-to-Employee

    Employees will know a clear, easy-to-use approach that will help them think things through to arrive at the most appropriate choice of action to take. Ultimately, this will increase the productivity of your organization.

    This program is presented in a half-day program. Back

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