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Improving Your Listening Skills

Think about a time at work when you needed someone to really listen to you, and yet you left the conversation feeling unheard and frustrated. Or on the other hand, think of a time when someone truly went out of their way to listen to you and it had a lasting, profound impact.

The truth is, most of us donít realize how much time we actually spend listening at work or how much information we distort and ignore in just about every conversation we have. On the other hand, teams and organizations that are nimble, coordinated, and well-oiled are filled with people who consistently listen to and understand each other on a deep level.

Improving Your Listening Skills is designed to help people understand their priorities and biases in a conversation, the unspoken messages they send to others when listening, and all of the information they might be missing without ever realizing it. Further, participants are given the practice they need to hone their skills in five distinct listening approaches and internalize the situations that call for each. And ultimately, people come away with the communication skills they need to build more synchronized, productive relationships.

In idXready: Improving Your Listening Skills Participants Will:

  • Recognize the importance of developing good listening skills by reflecting on their past listening experiences
  • Discover the five different listening approaches used in communication and the specific characteristics of each approach
  • Discover their most natural listening approaches
  • Explore their strengths and challenges as listeners
  • Identify effective listening approaches and behaviors, and practice modifying their listening approaches to meet the communication needs of team members
  • Create action plans to improve their ability to communicate effectively to all team members by using different listening approaches

idXready: Improving Your Listening Skills Training Materials

All of the Improving Your Listening Skills materials allow you to add your company's branding details (logo, name, phone number, address, and more)!

  • Startup Package:
    USB Drive, 1 Machine License, Installation CD, Program Overview, Reference Guide Overview
  • Integrated Video - View a Sample
    PowerPoint files built with video synchronized right into the presentation. 

  • PowerPoint Presentation - View a Sample
    High-impact, visual storytelling slides with effective animations. Professional, high quality presentations that quickly engage learners.
  • Fully-Scripted Leader's Manual - View a Sample (PDF)
    Synchronized with Participant Workbooks and PowerPoint, and editable.
    Generated Online

  • Individualized Participant Workbook - View a Sample (PDF)
    The Improving Your Listening Skills workbook integrates each partcipant's individualized Listening Skills report and proven processing activities.
    Generated Online

idXready: Improving Your Listening Skills Training Program Length

Approximately 2Ĺ - 3 hours. Breaks are not included in this time.

idXready: Improving Your Listening Skills Learning Model

Personal Listening Profile

idXready: Improving Your Listening Skills Pricing

$1,895 Includes Participant Materials for 15 Learners

Need More Improving Your Listening Skills Materials?

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