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idXready Programs

6 Unique Training Programs With Everything You Need to Conduct High-Impact Training!

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idXready offers off-the-shelf, customizable course materials for delivering sales, team building, and frontline management courses. The idXready training system offers ease in delivery and innovative technology you've come to expect from Inscape Publishing.

idXready integrates assessments using Inscape's DiSC, Team Talents, and Listening Profiles. idXready's unique features include rich, contemporary content; synchronized design; idXready participant workbooks that are generated within the EPIC platform; merged feedback and facilitation at the participant level; branded participant materials with your company name, logo, and contact information; and integrated video and PowerPoint slides.

With idXready programs in-hand, you know you can deliver training sessions with confidence.


Need a Fast, Easy Way to Create Learning Programs For Your Employees?

If so, idXready is the solution for you!

We are proud to offer you the first synchronized, ready-to-go learning program in the training industry. idXready (Instructional Design Xcelerator) products create value for organizations seeking integrated solutions for the rapid deployment of people learning skills. idXready offers an intense experience to teach learners the skills they can use immediately and will remember.

With idXready, your prep time is reduced, speed of learning acquisition is increased, and learner satisfaction improves. Suddenly, business and people skills training becomes a vital part of your organization's learning strategy.

idXready Pricing

$1,895 Per Program: Includes participant materials for 15 learners.

Included in Your Purchase of idXready

Pre-Work Delivered to Participants via Email

idXready pre-work delivered via email from the EPIC platform

idXready assessments are delivered online to each participant, and relevant learning model information is incorporated into each individualized participant workbook. The relevant assessment data is linked directly to the learning objectives of each idXready program.

The EPIC Credits in your EPIC Account generate the idXready pre-work plus the personalized participant workbooks used in the training sessions. The EPIC technology ensures consistency of delivery across all geographies.  

Individualized idXready Participant Workbooks

idXready individualized participant workbooks

A comprehensive, individualized workbook is generated for each participant, including relevant learning model information. idXready participant workbooks are 40-60 pages in length.

idXready participant materials include worksheet pages and action planning materials. Some idXready programs include take-away Interaction Guides that reinforce key concepts and support the use of the learning model in everyday use.

idXready provides easy access to skills your employees need. Your employees will feel valued, and will want to stick with you through the tough times.


idXready Programs

Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style: Results in higher employee satisfaction, less turnover, and stronger employee-manager relationships, saving you time and money.

Reducing Team Conflict: Creates stronger, more productive teams, higher employee satisfaction, and less turnover.

Capitalizing on Team Talents: Results in the creation of highly productive, efficient, and cohesive teams.

Collaborative Skills for Teams: Teaches participants the need for team roles and exploring how roles communicate, manage time, and manage priorities.

DiSC-Powered Selling: Teaches participants to position products or services in a way that will resonate with customers.

Improving Your Listening Skills: Results in improved communications, fewer mistakes and misunderstandings, and more productive information-sharing between team members.

These programs are primarily half-day sessions, and include everything you need - nothing more, nothing less.



Synchronized idXready Participant Pages

idXready synchronized participant pages

idXready participant pages correspond with the PowerPoint and with every leader's guide page. Note taking is made easy, guess work is removed, and participants keep in step with every reference you make.

You will no longer struggle to make sure everyone is on the right page. Instead, you will spend more time training and can ensure your participants understand the content. Your participants will feel more connected to you and to the material.


Fully Scripted idXready Leader's Guide

idXready fully scripted leader's guideWe understand that you like to customize training programs to include your industry-specific language and unique situations specific to your business. With idXready, you have a fully-scripted, editable leader guide that lets you tailor your training programs to your audience.


idXready PowerPoints Make a Point

idXready PowerPoint that makes a pointProfessional, high-impact idXready PowerPoint presentations, including helpful animations are synchronized with participant workbooks and leader's guides. Video links are embedded into PowerPoint slides.

The idXready PowerPoint presentations also include a timer that allows you to time learning activities.


idXready Video is Integrated Right Into Your idXready PowerPoint

idXready video built into PowerPoint

Each idXready program contains over two hours of video.


The idXready Video Resource Key (USB flash drive) replaces the need for a DVD or VHS. Rich video content is integrated right into your PowerPoint.

 idXready - idXready video is installed from your idXready Video Resources Key

You'll no longer need to have special video equipment, or to toggle back and forth between your PowerPoint and media player.


idXready Package Contents

idXready - idXready Training Program, idxready installation cd, idXready Video Resource Key, idXready Training Program Overview

- Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style
Reducing Team Conflict
Capitalizing on Team Talents
- Collaborative Skills for Teams
- DiSC-Powered Selling
- Improving Your Listening Skills

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