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Reducing Team Conflict

Conflict can tear a team apart, so it is crucial that problems be resolved before they take over a group.

idXready: Reducing Team Conflict is a straightforward program that helps people develop the understanding and self-awareness necessary to resolve interpersonal conflict. In addition to helping people learn how to work through conflict on an individual basis, the program offers a strong foundation for resolving issues within an entire team.

Reducing Tem Conflict builds important skills that are necessary for effective communication and teamwork.

In idXready: Reducing Team Conflict Participants Will:
  • Recognize their unique preferences and behaviors when working on a team
  • Learn what their behaviors may look like when under stress and in conflict
  • Learn a model for understanding how people of diverse styles react differently to conflict
  • Understand how their own and others’ behaviors may be interpreted in different ways
  • Discover a non-threatening way to communicate preferences and discuss differences
  • Create action plans for dealing with conflict situations by exploring effective methods for coping with conflict in the workplace

idXready Reducing Team Conflict Materials

All of the Reducing Team Conflict materials allow you to add your company's branding details (logo, name, phone number, address, and more)!

  • Startup Package:
    USB Drive, 1 Machine License, Installation CD, Program Overview, Reference Guide Overview
    Contains your customizable, fully synchronized PowerPoint slides with integrated video

  • Fully-Scripted Leader's Manual - coming soon
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  • Individualized Participant Workbook - coming soon
    The Reducing Team Conflict workbook integrates each partcipant's individualized DiSC report and proven processing activities.
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idXready: Reducing Team Conflict Program Length

Approximately 4 - 4½ hours. Breaks are not included in this time.

idXready: Reducing Team Conflict Learning Model Used


idXready Reducing Team Conflict Pricing Options

$1,895 Includes Participant Materials for 15 Learners

Need More Reducing Team Conflict Materials?

For more than 15 learners, call 1-888-847-0727 to place your order.

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