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Our experience and understanding of people enables PEOPLE 1ST to highlight the creative and highly valued professionals in the IT/IM business.
We "go to where the people are at" resulting in meaningful and valuable exchanges and learning.
We assist leaders who are struggling with the ‘people issues’ in their IT / IM teams by addressing the HUMAN side of technology.
We defuse high stress levels within IT / IM groups in many organizations as well as provide a wide variety of ‘services’ as outlined below……

We manage any people requirements in a positive and fulfilling manner (We work with you to develop the HUMAN side of business)

PEOPLE 1ST has many years experience and is highly respected and appreciated by all who have chosen to work with us

We apply tools at our disposal that are applicable to facilitate realistic structured discussion of roles and responsibilities of the team

We coach in a manner that emphasizes the value each person brings to his/her area of expertise

We develop trust and communication between members of the team

Our presentations are highly interactive with participants doing ‘hands-on’ activities which they find interesting and fun

We often work with the actual project teams and help them improve their communications and develop a team identity

Our work in many instances begins by focussing on the Management team and learning their mandate then implementing it into the teams.

Our success is discovering the strengths within the individual teams

Enabling employees to relate to their area of expertise and understanding how to contribute their expertise to enhance the goals of the organizational mandate

Successful professionals in the highly specialized information technology field need to be understood and in particular identify the critical roles that each plays while observing the big picture that connects the overall direction and strategic plans of the organization.


A Team In Conflict
PEOPLE 1ST facilitate with IT / IM technical staff to ensure:
All staff understand their different communication styles.
Facilitate the team members to resolve their issues regarding their roles.
Understand their interactions with clients, and other divisions and stakeholders throughout the organization.
Determine optimum performance as a team,
Achieving agreement on how to attain optimum performance as a team.

A Team Needing To Establish Responsibilities
PEOPLE 1ST commence by team building and helping employees align their particular responsibilities and accountabilities to gain full potential within their team. Utilizing the ‘Team Dimensions pdf’ profile People 1ST are able to identify the strengths of team members and help them assume responsibilities that match their preferred working style.

A Team Wanting To Be Better
PEOPLE 1ST have assisted several teams that wanted to improve their team spirit and learn new ways of working better together. These teams wanted to increase their trust level and also develop more understanding with each other. These teams experienced significant and marked improvement in their work environment from all perspectives.

National Or Regional Conferences
We facilitate national and regional meetings and provide teambuilding components throughout these strategic management and all staff retreats.

A Team Wanting To Review Their Needs
PEOPLE 1ST prepare Organizational Climate Surveys to provide a bench mark to managers and leaders in organizations. This involves speaking individually with clients and team members to produce accurate results and written direction as to next steps in any group. Our work in this area is highly confidential and well appreciated.

A Team Wanting To Create A Vision And Goals
PEOPLE 1ST have assisted teams to establish a living, working charter. This ‘vision’ or ‘organizational goals’ when developed and facilitated from within the team or teams, becomes critical as individuals can now relate because they have ‘ownership’ to the common goals and vision of their organization thus bringing all players to the ‘same page’.

A Department Wants To Address Employee Survey Issues
PEOPLE 1ST have designed and delivered training components on ‘topics and needs’ chosen by management and staff:
For cross divisional teams

Motivating managers and employees to meet their respective goals
While breaking down the barriers of the organizational silo effect and regional disparities
Highlighting common challenges and opportunities provided by the national perspective
In these sessions we dealt with
Change and Transition
and inter-personal Communications

Succession Planning And Knowledge Transfer PEOPLE 1ST can assist in processing the transfer of critical information from present stakeholders to new incumbents often spanning generation gaps and knowledge gaps. This process includes communication and team building with the new incumbent and the existing team. This permits quicker development of trust and understanding and solidifies teams.

Meeting A Variety Of “Human” Needs In IT / IM Each Director / Leader has specific goals and objectives and we are capable of managing his/her requirements of the planning, customization and transformation providing a view of the 'big picture' for employees. In some cases it is strictly a motivational requirement, a stress debrief, or adaptation to new management through a teambuilding retreat including often the new leader’s strategic plan for the future.

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