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Management - Managing Conflict and Resistance

Working with so-called difficult employees can be one of a manager’s biggest headaches. People oftentimes come across as difficult because they handle conflict differently than we do. In fact, others’ approaches to conflict can often seem counterproductive, confusing, or even bizarre. This course provides managers with a simple, direct way to understand the different fears that drive much of the conflict and resistance they see. Through DiSC, managers learn their style of handling conflict and understand how that style might differ from their employees’ methods. They also take time to recognize how quickly employees’ fears can disengage them from a team or project. Participants learn how and why different people become threatened and discover skills for relating more effectively with people of all styles.

This program is designed to help participants:
  • Understand the impact that their conflict style has on other people
  • Recognize how their employees handle conflict differently than they do
  • Use DiSC to recognize the fears and goals of their employees
  • Identify and reduce the opposition and resistance of their employees
  • Explore ways to improve their communication with each style

    INSIGHT MODULE 1 Management Set-Up 25 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 3 (Optional) Administration of DiSC Classic Paper 20-30 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 4 Discover Four Styles of Behaviour and Explore the General Preferences of Your Style 75-90 Minutes
    BREAK 15 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 6 Learn About Your Behaviour When You Are In Conflict With Others 60-75 Minutes
    LUNCH 60 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 11 Learn How to Address Goals and Fears to Gain Commitment 75-90 Minutes
    BREAK 15 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 9 Learn How to Adapt Your Communication to Different Styles 60 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 2 Management Close 20-30 Minutes
    TOTAL*: 7-8 HOURS

    Each person will receive a participant's binder, which will include discussion questions and activities. Through our team approach to learning, the customization we provide for the individual exercises and small group activities, we provide a fun, motivating approach for your managers.

    This program is presented in a full-day format.


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