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Management - The Management Development Process

This process has been designed around the development needs of managers in the current work environment as we move towards fewer layers of managers, more empowered workforces and a need for greater personal responsibility.

The primary role of managers is to manage the environment - not the people. The people do either what they want to do or what they believe they have to do. What we want managers to do is create an environment where people want to and can excel…where they can and do perform at their best! Any development program for managers must focus on developing the knowledge and skills needed to manage the work environment.

This program will help managers learn:
  • Self Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Managing Differences
  • Performance Management
  • Innovation
  • Leadership

    The modules breakdown as follows:

    Module 1 - Self Management
  • Understanding the impact of needs, values and attitudes on behavior.
  • DiSC Personal ProfileTM to measure behavioral style.
  • Emotional intelligence - developing the Personal and Interpersonal Competencies essential for success as a leader.
  • Personal responsibility -- are you taking responsibility for your role in facilitating change or just doing what you have to do?
  • Assess the impact of change in your workplace and your coping skills for dealing with change and stress.

    Module 2 - Interpersonal Skills
  • Building Trust - key behaviors necessary to establish trust relationships, build trust with people who are different from you, team exercises you can do with your team to increase the trust level.
  • Coaching and Counseling - understanding the role of the mentor, giving and receiving feedback, the key to effective counseling.
  • Identifying the listening approaches needed in coaching and mentoring and practicing listening adaptability.

    Module 3 - Managing Differences
  • Understanding the factors that impact on your ability to deal with people who are different and the impact of paradigms.
  • Developing the "understanding," "acceptance" and "interpersonal" skills for dealing with differences in your team.
  • Preparing action plans for implementation with your team.

    Module 4 - Performance Management
  • Diagnosing performance problems - four primary causes and solutions.
  • Learning the "Conscious Competency Model"
  • Distinguishing between needs and values driven behavior and what is the cause of lack of motivation.
  • Establishing performance and development goals in partnership with your direct reports.
  • Identifying strengths and areas for improvement in the 12 time management categories, and planning and implementing effective time management strategies.
  • Developing a plan for more effective use of time within your team.
  • Identify the behavioral skills required by a job or a role, and identify differences between current behavior and desired behavior.
  • Developing coaching questions to determine whether the individual has the appropriate attributes.

    Module 5 - Innovation
  • Understanding that the successful achievement of team goals and objectives requires an innovative approach.
  • Identifying the Innovation Styles of each member of your team, and understanding the strengths of different styles, what they contribute to the team process, and how to combine team roles to increase effectiveness.

    Module 6 - Leadership
  • Focus of Attention as a Leader - understanding the distinction between management and leadership.
  • Leadership Needs of Your Team - identifying the leadership needs of your team in the current situation. Discuss the role of follower and the role of leader.
  • Developing a shared leadership culture in your team.

    Each manager will receive a participant's binder, which will include discussion questions and activities.

    Through our team approach to learning, the customization we provide for the individual exercises and small group activities, we provide a fun, motivating approach for your managers and employees.

    The Management Development Process is a 10-day program that is recommended to be presented over a 12 -24 month period. With this format, the training events focus on building skills and give employees the opportunity to apply what they've learned along the way.


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