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Management - Management Strategies

Executives, managers, supervisors, project teams, or anyone who works with others for results will benefit from this flexible, results-oriented program designed to enhance the skills of new or experienced individuals as they learn actual strategies for successful management in today's fast-paced work environments.

The DiSC® Management Strategies training program will help increase your management effectiveness and help you to meet individual and organizational needs in a complex, changing marketplace. The how-to topics are:
  • Identify and resolve four types of conflict that reduce productivity and quality.
  • Understand your individual, natural work behavioral style and develop an Action Plan for effective self-management.
  • Learn people-reading techniques and apply specific strategies for managing others based on their style.
  • Identify the behavioral needs of a specific job and apply a performance coaching process to match the person's style to those needs.
  • Develop and apply performance management approaches based on an individual's level of motivation, ability, and style.

    The DiSC® Management Strategies program can help anyone who works with and through others to:
  • Improve communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Promote self-awareness and acceptance of differences
  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Reduce conflict

    This Management Strategies program delivers practical information on: managing self, managing others, managing the job and managing performance.

    Each person will receive a DiSC® Management Strategies participant's manual, the DiSC® Personal Profile System assessment, a Role Behavior Analysis, a DiSC® Managing Performance Action Planner and a DiSC® Management Strategies People Reading Card.

    Through our team approach to learning, the customization we provide for you, and the classroom activities, we will provide a fun, motivating approach for your managers and employees.

    DiSC® Management Strategies can be taught in two days or in four modules over time.


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