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Teams - The Team Development Process

The starting point for any team must be to understand why they exist as a team (their purpose), what they have to achieve (their goals), and what each team member has to do so that the team can achieve the desired outcomes. This basic starting point is often not achieved because of ineffective communication.

The Team Development ProcessTM achieves a high level of clarity and agreement about the team's:
  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Goals

    This program also provides insight into the factors that get in the way of effective communication about these critical issues. Three modules are presented:
  • Communication and Trust
  • Innovation and Change
  • Shared Leadership

    Teams participating in this program will achieve the following:
    Module 1 - Communication and Trust
  • Clarity and agreement on purpose, vision, values, goals, procedures and roles.
  • An increase in open, straightforward communication about important issues.
  • A measurable increase in the trust level within the team.
  • Greater appreciation of the strengths that each team member brings to the team.
  • Stronger team spirit.
  • Action plans and commitments for each team member to follow-through and achieve goals that are focused on improving team results.

    Module 2 - Innovation and Change
  • Increased understanding of the impact of change on the team, and the skills needed individually and as a team to effectively deal with change
  • Awareness of the innovation styles of all team members, and how each team member can contribute to innovatively responding to change.
  • Knowledge of how to use the Z-Process to capitalize on team innovation strengths to continuously improve products, services, processes and results.
  • The ability to overcome roadblocks to achieving goals.
  • Increased team flexibility.
  • Increased cohesion and team spirit.

    The Team Development Process -continued

    Module 3 - Shared Leadership
  • Team members understand the difference between management and leadership.
  • Team members taking responsibility for team performance.
  • An understanding of the leader/follower cycle…when to lead and when to follow.
  • Know how to use Focus of Attention to ensure that all team members are clear on how they can best contribute to the team's success.

    Many kinds of teams will benefit from the Team Development ProcessTM, to include: senior management teams, project teams, quality or continuous improvement teams and work teams.

    The Team Development ProcessTM is a 7-day program that is recommended to be presented over a 12-24 month period. With this format, the training events focus on building skills and give employees the opportunity to apply what they've learned along the way.


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