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Team Development

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Team Building provides an opportunity for a group(s) to step back, assess their current situation (progress, barriers, strengths and weaknesses), and to devise a game plan to move forward. Team Building does not imply that a particular group is ineffective, but rather that they are continually trying to improve their overall effectiveness.

The primary focus of team building sessions are on how groups work together. Research shows that effective working relationships directly contributes to productivity levels. As a result, enhancing how people work together can benefit the group and the organization in the following ways:
  • Increased morale
  • Enhanced communication
  • Greater appreciation of differences
  • Greater support within the group
  • Increased synergy
  • Greater unity and goal-focus
  • Better understanding of each other’s needs, talents and desires
  • Effective conflict resolution and feedback skills

    We all know that it takes a certain amount of work, understanding, give & take, and support in order to maintain and grow relationships, whether those relationships are personal or professional.

    The truth of the matter is, effective working groups need the same amount of ongoing work in order to become high performing.

    1. You have a group that wants to get to know each other and better understand what each other does in order to figure out how they can work more synergistically together
    2. Your organization is bringing in a team from around the country and they want the group to function more as a single unit
    3. You have a group that needs to work more effectively with each other and with their manager
    4. You have a group that is stuck and needs to work through an issue or two in order to be able to move forward
    5. You have a department that has experienced lay-offs and now needs to regroup
    6. Your organization wants to reward employees with a fun day of social activities
    7. You have a group that is about to take on a very important project and it is critical everyone is onboard and committed
    8. Two departments in your organization work a lot together and want to explore ways to work more effectively together
    9. Your organization wants to reduce barriers between layers of management and the front-line employee
    10. You have a group that want to brainstorm new ideas but can’t seem to “think out of the box”


    PEOPLE 1ST offer a variety of TEAM programs

    Improving Team Motivation
    Improving Team Effectiveness
    Successful Innovation Teams
    Team Effectiveness Series
    The Team Development Process
    Take One Day To Re-Energize Your Team!
    Team Info pdf Work Expectations Info pdf

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