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Communications - Using Your Strengths To Your Advantage

Itís no secret that some of us seem to have more natural social skill than others. But the truth is that we all have our own interpersonal strengths. Truly effective people know their talents and find opportunities to maximize their skills. But we all also have areas in which we struggle, and although we usually have access to interpersonal feedback, we rarely seek it out. This program helps participants pinpoint their unique strengths and shows them how they can get the most out of their talents. The course also illustrates how these same strengths can be overused to the point that they become obstacles. Exercises provide a safe and constructive way for participants to gather interpersonal feedback from their fellow group members. Armed with this feedback and a solid knowledge of their interpersonal strengths, participants are prepared to unearth their natural abilities and use them to their fullest.

This program is designed to help participants:
  • Recognize the diverse talents and preferences associated with each DiSC style
  • Understand their interpersonal strengths and how they have been overused in the past
  • Develop an openness to interpersonal feedback
  • Recognize the impact that their behaviour has on other people
  • Create specific strategies for enhanced interpersonal effectiveness

    INSIGHT MODULE 1 Multipurpose Set-Up 25 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 3 (Optional) Administration of DiSC Classic Paper 20-30 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 4 Discover Four Styles of Behaviour and Explore the General Preferences of Your Style 60-90 Minutes
    BREAK 15 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 5 Learn About Your Strengths and What Happens If They Are Overused 60-90 Minutes
    Lunch 60 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 8 Understand How Others Interpret Your Behaviour 60-90 Minutes
    INSIGHT MODULE 2 Multipurpose Close 20 Minutes
    TOTAL*: 5-6.5 HOURS

    Each employee will receive a participant's binder, which will include discussion questions and activities, as well as a self-study workbook to be used as a reference tool in the future. Through our team approach to learning, the customization we provide for you, individual exercises and small group activities, we provide a fun, motivating approach for your employees.

    This program is presented in a full-day format. Back

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